The Many Faces of Eli Manning

ESPN and Grantland’s Bill Simmons once termed the phrase “Manning Face”, a term of non-endearment towards the Colts’ long time QB.  As Malcolm Gladwell once coined its meaning:

“The look of someone who has just faced up to a sobering fact: I am in complete control of this offense. I prepare for games like no other quarterback in the NFL. I am in the best shape of my life. I have done everything I can to succeed—and I’m losing.

In the years since then, Peyton’s brother, Eli, has entered the same elite level of play Gladwell describes, and with it, has developed some of the same faces his brother has.

So in dedication to his latest one, here are the top five Eli Manning Faces on Record:

5. Date Unknown – The “It Smells Like Brandon Jacobs’ Jock Here” face.

4. Manning vs. Stokley’s Package – 9/19/11.

“He had a small package, I’ll tell ya, his package got a lot bigger in the middle of the game.”

3. Manning vs. Comedy – SNL 5/5/12. “KEWL”

2. Manning vs. Jets – 8/16/10 (This will always be my favorite, having been there for the preseason game where this happened. Still isn’t the best face though.)

1.  Manning vs. Steelers; 11/4/12. “Oh Crap, This Is What Not Being Clutch For Once Is Like?”


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