Save the Sanchize: Why the Rams Game Could Be The Most Important Game of Mark Sanchez’s Career

Mark Sanchez has played in a ton of big games so far in his career.  In the first two years, he did very well in them, including big wins he played well in during the playoffs that he still does not get enough credit for.

Last year, we saw a bit of a regression out of Sanchez in the clutch, as well as fewer big games for him to play.

Now we are at a possible turning point in the Jets-Sanchez relationship.  For all intents and purposes, the season will probably be over if they cannot defeat the Rams this Sunday.  It will definitely be over if they cannot come back 4 days later and beat the Patriots on Thanksgiving, but without winning the Rams game, the former is probably unwinnable.

So what we are left with is a great possibility of a team destined for 3-9 after the holiday with an extra long week before their next game.  If the next two games are stinkers for the free-falling Jets Offense and the season is mathematically over (which it will be), there will be a strong pitch to bring in Tim Tebow to finish out the season and see if he has anything.  The extra long week will be a conduit for allowing Tebow and a personalized offense to get ready for their Week 13 game.

We can argue for a bit whether or not this is a good idea another time, but the focus is on Mark Sanchez right now.  He has struggled tremendously this year with diminished weaponry.  But as many can argue, there are just so many excuses you can accept while still being so bad.

He has the lowest completion percentage in the league.  He may have a failing offensive line, but he has to be able to complete short passes without them being batted down from the defensive line position.  He must make better decisions instead of being careless with the ball – between fumbles as he is being sacked, or throwing away sure points in the Red Zone.

There are plenty of observers that still think Sanchez can be a good quarterback when surrounded by talent, a quality that he does not have this year, but time is running out and patience is running out.  Even with this lineup and even with the Offensive Coordinator sputtering, there is no reason for a complete lack of offensive points since the Patriots game.  There are many to blame for this, but in the world we live in, it falls on the Quarterback.

In what is going to be the most important game of Mark Sanchez’s short career, he must go out and outscore his former embattled offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer, and prove that he is still the right man for the job.

Otherwise, the Sanchize could soon be giving away to Tebowmania before we know it.

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