What Must Happen for the Jets to Have a Happy Thanksgiving?

1. Tom Brady Must Throw Interceptions
The turnover game will be a key to winning.  Over the past 2 games, Muhammad Wilkerson has been on fire with two forced fumbles, a sack, and a fumble recovery touchdown.  Getting pressure on Brady and making him make mistakes will allow the Jets give the offense easier opportunities to score.

2. Who can cover Wes Welker?
Isaiah Trufant, the Jets Dime Corner, is now on the IR, but before that, had one very successful game covering Welker and limiting him to just 66 yards.  Today, Rex must find the right defender to keep on Welker.  With Brandon Lloyd possibly missing the game, it would give the Jets a chance to put a starting corner on Welker, but is Kyle Wilson the man for the job?

3. Sanchez must play smart
Sanchez played a flawless game against the Rams last week and will need to play another one to defeat the Patriots with the offense he has.  Limiting stupid fumbles will be important as well as trying to build a streak of games without interceptions.  Prior to the St. Louis start, Sanchez had thrown an INT in three straight games.

4. They must score more than the Patriots
An underrated key to winning any game: putting more points on the scoreboard than the opponent.  Perhaps not the most important thing to win the game, I feel like the Jets should commit to this premace and be successful today.

5.  Don’t you dare bring up the playoffs…unless they pull off one of the biggest upsets of the season.

Then you can start to sorta, kinda, maybe, think about it….but not until then.  No, not at all.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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