Greg McElroy: 1-0 as Jets QB


Who knows where we’ll go from here, but for now, the Jets have benched Mark Sanchez and made the long-awaited move to Tim Tebow Greg McElroy.  McElroy came in for the ineffective Sanchez and led the game winning touchdown drive, throwing his first career TD to backup tight end Jeff Cumberland.

A momentous day for the fans who have been cheering Mc-El-Roy in the stands for weeks.  He ended with 29 yards passing on 5-7 passing.  We’ll see if Rex Ryan decides to stay with Sanchez, or if he will defy his own loyalty trait and go with today’s winner.  For now, a little joy for Jets fans.


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2 responses to “Greg McElroy: 1-0 as Jets QB

  1. jumpingpolarbear

    Unleash Greg Mcelroy :).

  2. 35-3 all-time since 8th grade as a starter. Soon to be 37-3!

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