Bringing Back Braylon

Wild Card Playoffs - New York Jets v Indianapolis Colts

Today at 4:00 PM EST, we will learn if Braylon Edwards has been claimed off waivers by any team or if he will be signed by the Jets.  This move is two years in the making and as thought by many, a fixing of a mistake Mike Tannenbaum and the Jets brass – allowing Braylon to walk after the last AFC Championship appearance.


*Update* At 4:25 PM, the Jets announced,

“The Jets today have been awarded WR Braylon Edwards off waivers from the Seattle Seahawks.”

In his final season with the Jets, Edwards had 53 catches for 904 yards and 7 TDs as Mark Sanchez’s big threat.  He averaged a huge 17.1 yards per reception and had finally gotten pass his ball-dropping issues of the past.  Bringing him back may give Sanchez a little bit of confidence, giving him someone he has had report with in the past.

Braylon had one of this biggest catches ever on possibly Sanchez’s best pass he’s ever thrown, in a game with the Texans in 2010.  With under a minute to go and 72 yards to score a TD, Edwards caught a 42 yard bomb by Sanchez, somehow keeping himself in bounds to set up a game winning catch by Santonio Holmes with 5 seconds remaining.

Maybe he can reclaim some of that in the few games remaining this season.

And if you don’t think this has gotten Rex excited, just see how hungry he is for a run to the playoffs now:

via Deadspin

via Deadspin

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