Knicks Doppelgangers

Many have made the correct assertation that Head Coach Mike Woodson looks like Mr. Potato Head if he had a goatee.  But today, I decided to look at the Knicks and try to come up with a few new lookalikes for people to enjoy.


Mike D’Antoni and the Pringles Guy


Jason Kidd and Jason Kidd (Get it? Because he’s looking like his old self?……)


Ok, so maybe he looks a hell of a lot like Voldemort.


Marcus Camby and Chris Tucker….both are currently riding their profession’s bench.


Carmelo Anthony and Fozzie Bear


Pablo Prigioni and a Lego Man (They totally have the same body make up)

Oh wait…perhaps there’s another Lego alternative….



Amare Stoudemire and a severely injured Twitter Bird.

And finally, because we couldn’t go this entire post without an alternative…


Mike Woodson and Zordon from the Power Rangers (with bonus goatee).

Knicks vs. Lakers….tonight!


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