The Jets…and the P Word

I won’t say it.  This Jets team doesn’t deserve it.

A month ago, there was no reason to believe the word should ever be uttered again.

A team that has sputtered, made terrible mistakes, encountered injury after injury, has a lemon of a foundation, and has only been consistent in being awful offensively…they should be dead in the water.

So not a chance – I won’t say the word.

It was over when we lost the Dolphins.  It was over again when we lost to the Seahawks.  It was over a third time when we were embarrassed and butt-fumbled by the Patriots…

But, tonight they play on Monday Night Football in what is being forecast as a monsoon, in Nashville.  Perhaps something resembling a natural disaster is poetically correct.  What else in this world upsets the balance of what we expect quite like one of those?

There’s a modicum of hope…but hopefully no expectations.  Fireman Ed has gone home, the Tebow-cat is dead…even Rex Ryan has kept himself quiet.

So no, we won’t look at Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.  We won’t pray for two Colts losses.  We won’t consider the chances the Ravens could lose out.  The Jets are finished, and we all know it.

It’s too bad that this season has shown we know nothing, and that ‘P’ word may have to start returning to our lexicon tomorrow morning if the Jets somehow continue this run.


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