Some Reasons Why The Jets Traded For Tim Tebow

On March 21, 2012, The Jets traded for Tim Tebow.


On December 27, 2012, the Jets finalized the last days of Tebow in New York by declining once again to start him – even after the injury to current starter, Greg McElroy – in favor of embattled former starter, Mark Sanchez.

There will be a lot of articles talking about what a failure this was for the Jets, but let’s look at the Jets mindset on that day in March.

Here, in order, are some of the reasons the Jets traded for Tim Tebow.

1. Jersey Sales

tebowjerseysalesOf course it would have clean comfort.

2. Ticket Sales


3. Thrilling Press Conferences

New York Jets Introduce Tim Tebow

4. Trying To Be The Lord’s Team



15. The Wildcat



23. Coveting Draft Picks Is Overrated


34. Allowing Rex Ryan to Atone for His Dirty Language


49. Bench Manners


Great Conversation

51. Tebow Action Figures


68. Reaping the Benefits of Selling the Cure to Tebowmania


74. Human Statue of Liberty

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at New York Jets

88. Free Underwear


100. Play QB


In other news, Lisa Zimmerman of CBS is reporting Mike Tannenbaum will be fired Monday…

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