Melo and Garnett Got Into It Tonight, But Something Else Is More Amazing…


The Knicks lost tonight to the Celtics, but the most eventful moment of the evening came when Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett got into a skirmish after some rough play underneath the basket.  Both got technicals and were shuttled off to their benches.

But what was more amazing about this? (video below)

Everyone has talked about J.R. Smith’s change, dumping the nightlife for the basketball life.  But this is a completely different J.R. Smith.  He has put it all together off the court, but he has also changed it on the court.  He has become a better rebounder, a better defender, and his confidence has made him a leader.

Part of his leadership has been the calm and patient guy we have not seen for much of his career.  Tonight, he showed more proof of his total change, once again being the cooler head during a heated moment during a game.  He was one of the first to get involved and separate the sides.

Once a guy that was in the middle of a fight that featured Carmelo Anthony, when both were on the Nuggets, against the Knicks, he has become a guy you can depend on not to get in trouble, and that could not be any better for this tough Knicks team.

The Evolution of J.R. Smith has been quite the story for this revitalized Knicks franchise.


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