Rex Ryan, the Jets, and The Non-Circus Tuesday

Rex Ryan, Woody Johnson

Woody Johnson and Rex Ryan finally had their “long-awaited” season ending press conference.  Most reporters were out for blood, appalled at the time taken to finally reach this moment.  Of course, not much could possibly be known in a time without a General Manager, whether today or last week.

So what did we actually learn today?

1. Tony Sparano, Mike Pettine, and Matt Cavanaugh will not return

The Jets’ Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator, and Quarterback Coach will all be looking for new jobs in 2013.

Tony Sparano had no identity with his offense and never quite figured out how to use Tim Tebow.

Mike Pettine, now known as “the leak”, will be moving laterally to another defensive coordinator job, one Rex said he hope isn’t the Bills.  Either way, this may be a strong move to weed out a major source of news stories.

Matt Cavanaugh was Mark Sanchez’s quarterback coach for the last four years.  Not only has Sanchez not improved, but he has regressed suddenly and has seemingly lost the hope of fans.

2. New Coordinators

Long time Mike Westhoff assistant, Ben Kotwica will take over at Special Teams Coordinator now that his mentor has retired.  Rex Ryan confirmed that today.

Less confirmed, but mostly hinted at (and confirmed by Brian Costello multiple times today), is the promotion of Dennis Thurman to Defensive Coordinator (and not Ryan’s just-fired twin brother, Rob).  He was the Secondary Coach this year and rightly deserves the in-house promotion after keeping that part of the defense strong despite losing Darrelle Revis early in the season.

3. Rex Wants a New Identity on Offense

Realizing that Ground and Pound is probably dead, Ryan is hoping that his offense can be just as dynamic as his defense going forward.  Walking into the 21st century of offenses may be easier for the Jets if they are able to add one of the top coordinators on their list; this includes Norv Turner and Hugh Jackson.

Part of that talk was his insistence that the team could move on from anyone, no matter the salary.  It would be hard to do so, considering the cap, but one would assume from that statement that the Jets, and whoever the new GM winds up being, will look long and hard at replacing incumbent QB, Mark Sanchez.

4. The Tattoo

Yes, yet another overrated moment in the history of Rex Ryan, the discovery of his tattoo, which depicts his wife wearing only a Jets jersey, one with a #6 on it.

Confirmed, as we have all known for so long, was Rex’s love for his wife.  But an interesting quote came from it as well.

“I know what you’re thinking: Obviously, if Sanchez doesn’t play better, that number is going to change.”

While this press conference was not the Earth-shattering event most were hoping for, one thing you can sure believe is coming to the Jets, outside of those on stage today, is change.


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