Freakout of the Day: Jim Harbaugh Doesn’t Like Replay! A Moment From the 49ers-Falcons NFC Title Game


The San Francisco 49ers knocked off the Atlanta Falcons today in the NFC Championship, 28-24.  The game came down to a thrilling finish, as Matt Ryan and Roddy White could not connect in the endzone on 4th down, giving the game to the Niners.

But in a game full of great plays and memorable moments, there was one so beautiful, it must live forever in GIF form:

After losing a key replay of a close Harry Douglas catch late in the 4th quarter, Harbaugh could not keep it together any longer, flipping out in one of the funniest displays of emotion in NFL history:


For a man that made one of the gutsiest calls in the history of football – benching his NFC Championship-reaching quarterback, Alex Smith, for the potential-laden Colin Kaepernick – Harbaugh has a chance to be remembered for something much less successful now.

Because of this, and his brother’s win in New England, we will be having a HarBowl, or SuperBaugh….or just a Superbowl with two brothers coaching opposite teams for the first time ever.  The 49ers will take on the Baltimore Ravens February 3rd, from New Orleans.


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