Tom Brady Slides and Bernard Pollard Strikes Again: Moments From The Patriots-Ravens AFC Title Game


The Baltimore Ravens eliminated the New England Patriots from Super Bowl contention in the AFC Championship Game tonight via a 28-13 score.

There were two big moments in the game that everyone should see:

First, midway through the game, Tom Brady attempted a run and finished with a slide.  Normally when a QB slides feet first, the play ends.  Instead of just leaving it at that, Brady decides to take a cheap shot at safety, Ed Reed.



The other major play occurred in the second half.  Patriots running back, Stephen Ridley got hit by Bernard Pollard, fumbled the ball, and suffered a head injury.  Pollard is an already hated man in New England: He previously hurt tight end Rob Gronkowski and more famously, put the hit on Tom Brady that caused an ACL injury and ended his 2008 season.


via DiehardSport

The Ravens will take on the San Francisco 49ers in two weeks at the Super Bowl – the first ever HarBowl.

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