Darrelle Revis Trade Talks: Does It Make Sense To Trade The Jets Best Player?


Today the Jets introduced their new General Manager John Izdik.  Generally, a General Manager is needed to make decisions for the future of a football team.  This, thus far, has never stopped the media from speculating and “sourcing” information about the Jets intention in the off-season.

The latest in these rumors involves the franchise of the Jets, Darrelle Revis.

Jason La Canfora, an NFL writer for CBS Sports, reported yesterday that Jets owner, Woody Johnson, would be willing to part with his star cornerback.

Looking at the cap, this would be an easy target to suggest.  Revis is due to make $6 million this year and will be hard to retain pass this year.  Being the top at his position (if he comes back the same as prior to his ACL injury), he may be waiting on a contract on the level of an elite pass rusher – something the cap-riddled Jets cannot afford.

At the same time, the Jets have just brought in someone considered a cap specialist by those around football.  He has yet to even assess the team, let alone make decisions as to how he will fix the cap problem.  He may find Revis to be a necessary cap casualty; but at the same time, does he want to trade one of the greatest players in Jets history as his debut transaction?

La Canfora states that the Jets are using 2013 as a time for “cap and budgetary housecleaning”, though their intentions may be hard to know since they had yet to bring in their new GM and had kept Rex Ryan – a sign that rebuilding may in fact not be in the cards as of yet.

But nonetheless, since it will be the talk over the next few weeks, we should look at the big picture: Does it make sense to trade Darrelle Revis?

From a money perspective?

Sure.  If he cannot be retained for a money amount that makes sense, you risk the chance of losing him for nothing.

A shutdown corner may be important for the system the Jets run, but in the scope of the league, the pass rushers are the ones that are supposed to make the most money.

At the same time, the Jets need to start working on many ends of this team, can they afford to put so much of a financial obligation towards one guy?

From a playing perspective?

If you don’t know how Revis will come back from ACL surgery, or know that his playing is compromised, then yes, you should deal him before his value dips even more.

But if this is the same Revis, you are taking away the best player at his position.  One that has a rare quality in this age of the NFL: a complete shutdown defender.

Many have said Antonio Cromartie has stepped up and can control the corner as well as Revis, but that also discounts asking who will be the other corner across from him, as well as, can Cromartie do this again?

A third question has to do with the other part of the secondary.  Will the Jets be able to retain both LaRon Landry and Yeremiah Bell or their equivalent?  There is no doubt the drastically improved play at FS and SS kept the Jets secondary from falling apart with the Revis injury.  If you dump Revis, you need to make sure the other 3 positions in the secondary are still as strong?  Can they be assured to do that?  Does it make more sense to keep Revis, who can make up for others on the field, and try to instead go young and try to get similar results from the draft or otherwise at safety?

One thing is for sure, Rex Ryan still wants Revis around, and he is still the head coach with his defense system in place.

Is this the right time to trade Revis?

Coming off an ACL injury and losing almost an entire season puts Revis as the lowest end of his value at any point in his career.  When trading assets, you never want to be dealing a resource at its lowest.

Asking the Jets to unload Revis now would be doing that.  Sure, there may be a team out there willing to pay a decent price for Revis, but it will be nowhere near what they could get if he were healthy.

It may be a struggle just to get a 1st rounder and another pick for Revis.  Is that all you want to say you got for your franchise player?  The undoubted best corner in the league?

Of course, there may be no choice.  If the Jets are not playing for the playoffs this year, and they have made a decision that they definitely cannot afford Revis after this year, then you trade him for all they can get; there just would not be any more Revis could really do towards a possible championship in the future if the lone year he has left is a rebuilding year.

If they are really trying to rebuild, Dennis Waszak of AP has an idea of a guy at his highest value to trade:

In the aftermath of this rumor, Darrelle Revis had this to say:

There may be a fence or two to mend after these rumors if the Jets do not communicate with Revis soon.  While it is doubtful this would stop them from coming to a contract agreement in the future, if they decide to trade Revis, any sign of discontent could hurt their attempt to maximize the value in return.


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