Thinking He Is Better than Jets CB Darrelle Revis…and Other Clown Moments From Richard Sherman


A day doesn’t go by without a story about the Jets.  For once, a particular story has not manifested itself from Florham Park, but rather Seattle, Washington.

Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman, decided Thursday night to tell the world how much he thinks of himself – by trying to prove he is better than Darrelle Revis:

Of course, the stats on fail to account for targets , which could explain the amount of interceptions and tackles any CB would have.

Two things we know for sure: Teams do not throw towards Darrelle Revis and he is absolutely known for shutting down the opposing team’s best receiver.

Richard Sherman has done it one year with one big moment: holding Calvin Johnson to his lowest yards total of the season.  Darrelle Revis has done it his entire career.

In addition to this, Darrelle Revis-led defenses have shut down multiple teams in the post-season, including Peyton Manning’s Colts and Tom Brady’s Patriots.  Richard Sherman’s defense barely escaped Washington; only after Robert Griffin III got injured did they stop the Redskins from running up and down the field.  The week after, they got their doors blown off by the Falcons, giving up 30 points.

Unlike the Seahawks, during most of Darrelle Revis’ years in the league, the Jets have lacked a top pass-rush, leading to more time in the pocket for QBs.  Revis continuously has had to defend WRs for longer periods of time and shut them down than Sherman has ever had to.

Being known as the best and still maintaining that standing over the years is what keeps you at the top of the NFL.  Richard Sherman should consider waiting until next year, when teams know who he is and will be planning for him, before opening his mouth.  Now he is a target, much like the man he wants to be compared to, lets see if he can step up in a similar way.

If you want more of a statistical basis for comparison, check out Pro Football Focus: They say Sherman’s one good year is comparable to Revis’ averages, but nowhere near the high’s Revis has had, nor does he come out on top of Revis in many stats at all.

A final note given by the PFF that is quite important: Sherman only sticks to one side of the ball all game; Revis is tasked with following the best receiver all over the field, including in the slot where receptions are “often easier to come by”.

An assortment of thoughts from those that follow the game:

Plenty of corners have had individual seasons like Richard Sherman has.  The difference? Revis has been doing this his entire career.

Sherman has made various other headlines in his career, even attacking some of the other bests in the league.

After the Seahawks held on to a 24-23 win over the Patriots, he got right in Tom Brady’s face and chirped about the Patriots having a gimmick offense that they caught up to.

The Seahawks at that time had the 4th best passing yards per game given up at 192 per game.  Brady had more than that in the first half with 216.  He finished with 395 in the game.  The difference was some key interceptions, one of which was Sherman’s, but it was far from a total success for the Seahawks.

It did not stop Sherman from gloating on Twitter:

Another guy who has done tons more in the NFL running into Sherman’s words.

He also talked his way into a face smash by Redskins lineman, Trent Williams, after Seattle’s aforementioned playoff win:

Egging on Williams with “Whatcha gonna do, boy,” he did do something about it.

His constant talk has led players to go after him during games as well.  After scoring a touchdown over him, Falcons WR Roddy White decided to make sure Sherman knew what happened.


But it was not just words coming out of his mouth that were causing issues, but what he put in it.

On September 17th, Sherman provided a urine sample for a drug test.  This test came up positive for Adderall, a drug used to improve concentration, which is illegal according to the NFL Drug Policy.

The ruling, though, was overturned by the NFL when they found mistakes with the container the sample was held in.  A similar mistake to what got baseball’s Ryan Braun out of a PED suspension, Sherman was allowed to keep playing after a rare league retraction.

We will never know what would have happened if the sample had been properly collected, but it should be noted that fellow cornerback, Brandon Browner, was suspended earlier in the season for the same drug.

To bring this back to the Revis argument:

It is without doubt that Richard Sherman could be one of the elite cornerbacks in the NFL, but he will have to do more to make sure his portfolio starts to catch up to his hype.


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