Be Afraid: Pekovic Is Coming For the Knicks…and Probably Superman…


The Knicks travel to Minnesota to take on the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight.

They are coming off a stunning loss to the Wizards on Wednesday, but what they really have to fear, more than a losing streak, more than even the “Friday Night Knicks Curse”, is manifested in a 6’11 290 lbs. Kryptonian Warlord, named Nikola Pekovic.


Via Hardwood Paroxysm

His biography may state he is from Montenegro, but we can see that it is just a cover – after all, it is tough to cover up the very famous enemy of Superman, Non, from Superman II – ally of supervillian, General Zod.


It is a nice cover for him, under-selling his abilities at only 13.9 points and 7.4 rebounds a game for a small market team, but we know he only allowed the T-Wolves to acquire him so he can spend his free time searching out the location of Kal-El’s Fortress of Solitude in the wintery suburbs of Minneapolis.


His travels have taken him from the Jungles of Central America and now to the tundra of the American North.


Will he ever find Superman? Time will tell.  What we do know, he will be taking on Tyson Chandler and the New York Knicks tonight.  Better watch out, he’s getting ready.



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