Devils’ Martin Brodeur Makes a Clumsy Save, Falls All Over Himself in Win Over Penguins (Video and GIF)


The New Jersey Devils beat the Pittsburgh Penguins today, 3-1.  In this hockey world, we hate to give the Devil his due, but Martin Brodeur had the NHL highlight of the day, falling all over the place trying to stop a flying puck heading towards his net.

Becoming the first goalie to play in 1,200 games, Brodeur acted like a young child putting on skates for the first time, or a 300-pound man rollerblading, or the humanization of a nerd trying to ask the prom queen out, or……you get the picture.

Late in the second, Brodeur lost his stick in his defensive end’s corner.  When the puck was sent out, he thought he could go retrieve it without incident.

He was wrong.


It’s always fun when Marty looks dumb.  Of course, like usual, he came out on top, both of the puck and the final score.

But we can revel in it one more time, this one in video form!


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