Jets CB Darrelle Revis Finally Fires Back at Seahawks’ Richard Sherman, Says He Runs His Mouth Like a Girl


For the better part of the off-season, Seattle Seahawks defender, Richard Sherman, has been running his mouth on Twitter, talking himself up as the best cornerback in the NFL.

The target of his rants has been injured Jets CB, Darrelle Revis, as can be seen in this previous post.

Today, Darrelle Revis finally responded. Darrelle Revis in a tweet, said that Sherman “Runs his mouth so much like girl [sic].”


By now, you can see why Revis would be upset with someone trying to blast his name.  He already is in the middle of another issue – the Jets and new GM John Idzik having to decide whether to keep, extend, or trade Revis by the draft – and may be reaching his breaking point.

If you need a refresher on Sherman, here are the two tweets that started it all:

Responding to this by calling someone a girl will get some up in arms; in this day and age, many believe it is not a proper way to respond by belittling women.

Still Revis continued in a much more light-hearted way going forward:

First bringing up that he should be more worried about opposing receivers than other corners – especially one that burned him during the season, Roddy White of the Falcons.

And bringing up that his business partner is even more popular than Sherman on Twitter.

Darrelle Revis is still the King of Corners in the NFL. Sherman can be hot on his tail, but it will take more than just one good year to capture the throne.

I’m sure we have not heard the last from Sherman on this front.  Stay tuned.

Update: It did not take Richard Sherman long at all:

Um…not exactly Mr. Sherman.  But it looks like this Twitter war is far from over.

Update 2:

That second one is great.

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