New Rochelle Stuns Mt. Vernon With A Half Court Buzzer Beater in One of the Greatest Highlights Ever (Video)

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 4.17.36 PM

Think you have seen an amazing basketball highlight recently? This one blows it all away.

Mt. Vernon was leading New Rochelle 60-58,  in the New York High School Section 1 Class AA Championship Game.  With 2.9 seconds remaining, New Ro was about to inbounds the ball.  No one could predict what would occur. [Video Ahead]

The ball is picked off on the inbounds pass, insuring a Mt. Vernon win – except the Vernon player decided to make a weak attempt to throw the ball up in the air and run off the clock.

With .1 seconds left, a New Rochelle player threw up a half-court shot and hit it.  Pandemonium.  After talking it over, the referees declared the three-pointer to be good, with New Rochelle taking the win 61-60.

An awesome moment for New Rochelle, but a life-shattering moment for the kid who made that blunder.

Nevertheless, one of the top highlights of the year!


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