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Jason Collins, The Gay Jackie Robinson: America’s Long Awaited, and Needed, Out Athlete

“I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.”

— Jason Collins 4/29/13

Just two weeks ago, I wrote about the hypothetical first open gay athlete, the importance of that person being a willing participant, one who could show the same powerful leadership and capability to withstand the pressure of being a pioneer like Jackie Robinson – one who could set the example for those who will come later.

Jason Collins, the first openly gay athlete in the NBA or any major American sport, is that guy. Continue reading

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Jets Fill Several Holes In the Depth Chart on the First Day of the NFL Draft


Last night at the NFL Draft, the New York Jets got started on the work towards rebuilding their roster.

Taken with the 9th and 13th picks overall were Alabama cornerback, Dee Milliner, and Missouri DT, Sheldon Richardson.

Reaction to these moves varied. Continue reading


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Jets NFL Draft 2013 Preview – The Positioning Draft


Earlier this week, I put up a gag tweet wondering if I should put out a column mocking the mock drafts.  It was just a joke, but many responded positively towards it.  Why could that be?

Every year, millions of page views are wasted looking at mock drafts that were the product of a ton of wasted time by good sportswriters.  Some sites know more than others, but most will not even come close to predicting even 5% of the first two rounds.  [I guess you can say I’m not a fan…]

It’s not to say there is not some merit to looking at the players and the needs of specific NFL teams, but there just simply is not enough time and expertise available to most writers to research all of college football and know all of the ways NFL teams work – outside of the handful experts spread amongst ESPN, Fox Sports, Yahoo, and a few blogs.

So for the poorly prepared, local blogger, giving all he thinks is necessary to talk about the draft, here is a new plan for the “mock draft” – It’s called the “Positioning Draft.” Continue reading

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Knicks J.R. Smith Wins the Sixth Man Award: A Look Back At a Year of #JRSwish!

Charlotte Bobcats v New York Knicks

New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith won the NBA’s Sixth Man Award today, topping the Los Angeles Clippers’ Jamal Crawford and The Golden State Warriors’ Jarrett Jack with 484 total points from the voting group of writers and broadcasters.

It was the topping on the cake of a breakthrough season for the former first round pick, accumulating 18.1 points per game, all off the bench, also averaging 5.3 rebounds and 2.7 assists.

But his season was not without highlights and enjoyable moments.  Let’s take a look back at some of the fun moments of J.R. Smith during the 2012-2013 season. Continue reading

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Jets Trade Darrelle Revis: Spreading The Blame and Picking Up the Pieces After a Failing Deal


It was the worst kept secret in the NFL; Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets were shortly going to part ways.

But while that was known, what could not be seen was how this would eventually go down.

On Sunday afternoon, the hammer finally dropped.  Revis Island was relocating to a warmer climate. Continue reading

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Knicks Lessons Learned: A Playoff Preview


What came in as a season full of questions, as left the Knicks with many answers.

The questions as to whether or not Melo and Amare and Chandler could get long, if the veterans could stay healthy, or if Anthony could get his head on straight are no longer relevant.

The Knicks enter today’s game vs. the Celtics – The #2 Seed. Continue reading

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Gay Athletes, the NFL, Kerry Rhodes, and the Importance of Being a Willing, First Outed Player


In the motion picture “In and Out” Kevin Kline’s teacher character, Howard, is outed by a former student, played by Matt Dillon, while accepting an Oscar.

This news comes as a shock to Howard’s friends, family, wife, and interesting enough, himself. Over the course of the movie, Howard explores his possible homosexuality, eventually realizing that indeed he is gay, which results in both being fired from his job and gaining the support of his friends, family, and students along the way.

In similar recent Hollywood happenings, the Jackie Robinson biopic, ’42’ was released last week.  It tells the well-known story of Robinson, the first African-American baseball player, signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.

The movie is less about the moment in which Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier, and more about how Jackie was the perfect force of strength, leadership, hardheaded, and talent to set the perfect example for future African-Americans to play in Major League Baseball, as well as every minority that plays in every major sport today.

Many wonder what would have happened if any part of Jackie Robinson’s make-up were different.  If he were any of less talented, less successful, less able to withstand the pressure, less able to be the example – if things would be the same today – if Larry Doby and Ernie Banks and Hank Aaron, and Ken Griffey Jr. would have been able to follow in future years, decades, and generations.

Enter the salacious gossip news of last night, which revealed the possibility of the first active gay NFL player. Continue reading


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Darrelle Revis Jets Trade Alert System


Has he been traded yet?

On Sunday, April 21st, 2013, the New York Jets have finally traded star CB Darrelle Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their first round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft (13th) among other picks to be determined later.

One of the top players in Jets history, is no longer part of Gang Green.

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Rangers Shut Out The Rival Islanders 1-0 and Officially Put Henrik Lundqvist Back On The Vezina Award Trail


Dan Girardi scored 3:11 into overtime at the Nassau Coliseum and the Rangers defeated the rival, New York Islanders 1-0, Saturday night.

Both goalies were great in the matchup, with Henrik Lundqvist coming out on top for his first shutout of the season. Continue reading

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Knicks Streak Reaches 10 Games As Carmelo Anthony Scores 90 In Last Two Games

Carmelo Anthony, Al Horford

The New York Knicks winning streak reached 10 games as the red-hot Carmelo Anthony scored 40 points – one game after scoring 50 – to defeat the Hawks in Atlanta, Wednesday, 95-82.

Those 10 games are the longest streak for the Knicks since 1993-94, when they ended up in the NBA Finals. Continue reading

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