Mark Sanchez’s Headband and Other Accessories Jets Players Could Use


Today, Mark Sanchez set Twitter and the internet ablaze.  What he did was the talk of the nation – something no one saw coming.  Did he get benched for rookie QB Geno Smith?  Did he rag on the Jets to the media?  Did he finally get released by the Jets?

No.  He wore a headband.

Sanchez is considering growing out his hair and donating the resulting length to “Locks of Love” charity.

In the meantime, he picked up a look from European soccer players and put a headband in his hair to keep it back during a session with the media today.

During the talks, the Sanchize said “no doubt” he is the starter, come opening day of the New York Jets 2013 season.

Like that matters.

All the focus today was on the headband, who was the star of the show, and has even inspired a Twitter account to it’s name [barely over 100 followers at the time of this writing…sanity for once].

So we were thinking: What other accessories could help Jets players out this off-season?


A Bible for Jets QB Greg McElroy.

He’s going to need a good prayer to make it past the preseason still a Jet with 4 other quarterbacks on the roster.


Revis’ Beard for Dee Milliner.

The pressure is on him as the Jets #1 draft pick to pick up where Hall of Famer, Darrelle Revis, left off.  Maybe a similar beard will hold the true power of a shut down corner.


Unlimited Minutes and Texts Plan for Geno Smith.

Seems like he could use it……


A Salad for Jets RB Joe McKnight

His McDonalds workout regiment seems like it isn’t working.


Name Tag for Jets DT Sheldon Richardson

It’s probably time for the Jets fans who were at Radio City Music Hall on NFL Draft night to find out who he is.


A Team Branded Mask for Vlad Ducasse.

Possibly a starter at guard now that both Jets incumbents, Matt Slauson and Brandon Moore, are no longer with the team, Ducasse may need the mask to hide himself after all the missed blocks he may have this year.

Or because of this.  Hint: He won 2nd AND 3rd place in a certain contest you don’t want to win in Jets training camp.


Moving truck for Jets QB Tim Tebow.

Oops…that should say “Former QB”…


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  1. The Jets need to worry about other kinds of accessories….Like stats…touchdowns…first downs…tackles… things like that are what makes a NFL player stand out in a crowd.

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