Is Carmelo Anthony the Worst Volume Shooter in NBA Postseason History?


Sunday afternoon brought more feed to the side that believes Carmelo Anthony is a shot vacuum for the New York Knicks offense.

Many already call him a “volume shooter” – a negative connotation for players who shoot until they get hot or just take a large quantity of their team’s shots.

There have been many players under this designation who have led their teams to the playoffs.  But is Melo the single worst volume shooter of them all?

Looking at the table below, we see that Melo has 4 of the top 20 worst post-seasons by field goal percentage (minimum 20 points per game) in history, including the single worst.  The only one who appears on the entire list of 38 for this qualification as many times as Anthony is Allen Iverson [full list appears at this link here]


While many on this list are considered good, but not all-time great players (Stephon Marbury 3, Vince Carter 2, Derrick Rose 2), a few surprises like Paul Pierce (2), Kevin Durant, David Robinson, and Hakeem Olajuwon also appear, though not at the staggering amount Carmelo does.

Also to take into account for this statistical qualification is that the range of FG% only goes from 33-40%.  While the list is short in terms of separating the top from the bottom, it does show that players who fall on this list also wind up playing for teams ousted early: only 5 of the 38 played more than 10 games in that postseason.

So is this just a statistical anomaly?


Taking into account any post-season in which a player averaged 10 or more field goals per game (during the shot clock era), Carmelo Anthony’s performance this post-season (2012-2013) is the 8th worst in history by FG% (.378) [He also owns the 29th worst post-season as well].

While there are a lot of Hall of Famers that make up the top 20 of this list, it is stunning just how bad Anthony’s shooting has been this post-season, especially considering he is coming off being the 2012-13 scoring champion.

The only one in the top 20 to make it to a 4th round finals is Allen Iverson, and he lost there in 2000-01 with the 76ers.

For the Knicks to be success at all this post-season, or in the future, he is going to need to turn around his shooting history quickly…and drastically.



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5 responses to “Is Carmelo Anthony the Worst Volume Shooter in NBA Postseason History?

  1. Put it on the board… Carmelo will never win a title in the NBA…

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