Mike Goodson Arrested; Now John Idzik and the Jets Must Release Him


On Friday March 17, Jets running back Mike Goodson was arrested and charged on five counts including possession of Marijuana, and possession of a loaded gun with hollow-point bullets.

He was first taken the hospital due to alcohol intoxication before being brought to jail.  As of Friday, he had not made bail.

It may have been his first publicly cited criminal activity, but the result has to be the Jets releasing him, immediately.

Yes, others in recent Jets history have gotten away with suspicious and criminal activity and been allowed to remain on the team – this includes Braylon Edwards’ 2010 DUI and even Mike Tannenbaum drafting Kenrick Ellis knowing he could be facing jail time (he served a 45 day sentence).

But this is a new regime, and John Idzik can no longer allow for chum in the water for the media nor the league.

There is no reason to blame Idzik for bringing in someone with no history of this kind, nor does this affect his standing with acquisitions – Goodson was clearly the backup in case the Jets could not get someone like Chris Ivory – but it would show that he is prone to making poor reactions to incidents.

Plenty of teams have character issues and players who have run-ins with the law, but they are not the Jets in this position now.  Idzik has come into the organization and promised a change in direction; allowing a player who has just arrived and so early into his administration run a foul of the law has to come with consequences.

Players get second chances, or even third, fourth or more, though that usually depends on one very important thing.

As Dan LeBatard waxed poetic about on his Miami radio show this week, players like Titus Young get released by the Detroit Lions and St. Louis Rams, while others, like Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall, keep getting chance after chance.

What separates them is talent and need by an organization.

It is a harsh truth, but one the Jets must also take into account.

As alluded to, the Jets are no longer in a position where Goodson is a necessary component of their running game.  Chris Ivory is expected to be the starter and the one to get the majority of carries.  With two old standbys remaining – Joe McKnight and Bilal Powell – the Jets have enough depth to go forward for a rebuilding team.

And as new Jet guard Willie Colon believes, the team has made it clear they will not stand for this type of activity.

“It’s one of the things where it’s zero-tolerance with stuff like that.  It’s sad. Mike could have been huge for us,” he told CBS’ Will Brinson.

If the Jets are going to make it their policy, and the skill and need portion of the equation are as they are, John Idzik has a very obvious direction he must head in: This is the end of a very short stay in New York for Mike Goodson.

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