Meet Terrell Brown, The St. Louis Rams Brand New 6’10, 403 Pound Offensive Lineman


It was known that the St. Louis Rams wanted to add size to their offensive line this off-season.

Who knew it would be this much.

Say hello to Terrell Brown, undrafted free agent out of Ole Miss, the heaviest player in the league at 403 pounds and standing at a monstrous height of 6’10!

A former defensive lineman, head coach Jeff Fisher thinks the offensive end is the best fit for his size.

““[Rams offensive line coach Paul Boudreau] said he’d love to have him,” said Fisher.

Owning a stunning 92 3/8-inch wingspan, Brown was signed by the Rams earlier this week and his conversion was made today.

The move should be welcomed by QB Sam Bradford, who has fallen victim to an average of 35 sacks a season in his 3-year career.

via AP

via AP

If he could crack the starting lineup, look for Brown to make…ahem…a giant difference in the protection game.

Of course, no story about Brown can avoid his most famous college moment, breaking a chair on live national television:

That chair was no match for him.  Perhaps rushers will fall to the same fate soon.


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