Matt Harvey Loses No Hitter In Most Mets Way Possible [GIF]


Mets phenom took a no hitter into the 7th inning in Atlanta during the first half of their Tuesday double-header vs. the Braves.

Harvey, the lone point of hope for Mets fans this season (outside of standby David Wright) was already drawing comparisons to the pitch-count controversy of Johan Santana’s “No-Han” game last year…when the most Mets thing could happen.

Thanks to Guyism for the GIF:


With Jason Heyward up to start the 7th, he hit a 1-2 count pitch down the first base line.  Harvey, within reach, went to field the ball.

In the motion of picking up the ball, Harvey tossed it over to the first baseman – played today by Lucas Duda – who was not at first base, but rather fielding the ball himself.¹

And that…is just one more reason why no-hitters are so hard to get.

Mets fans won’t have to feel down for too long today – coming up in the 2nd half of the doubleheader is the major league debut of Zack Wheeler.

¹ Somewhere in Las Vegas [in between strikeouts], Ike Davis is shouting, “I could have done that play!”


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