Lingerie Football League Gets Its Big Hit Highlight Moment


The Legends Football League is a tackle football league that was created in 2009.  It was created to give a chance to players who could not make the NFL.  Deviating from the norm, unlike most alternatives to the National Football League, this one has managed to garner a bit of national attention.

Perhaps that is because prior to 2013, this league was called the Lingerie Football League.

For once, though, their uniforms were not the noteworthy sight coming from their game.

In LFL Week 15 action, Los Angeles was taking on Las Vegas when LA Safety Ashley Salerno laid a crushing hit on Vegas WR Kelley Schroder, sending her spinning to the ground.

No word on any injuries [it was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct], but the LFL now has an on-field Sportscenter-type highlight of their own.



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