Mets Matt Harvey Hits Yankees Robinson Cano With a Pitch at the 2013 All-Star Game


The 2013 All-Star Game did not start off as many Mets fans hoped, as their phenom, Matt Harvey, gave up a double to the Angels’ Mike Trout to lead off.

For Yankees fans, the next at bat would end as they would fear – with Matt Harvey hitting Robinson Cano in the knee, injuring him.

Cano would go to first, but later leave the game.  X-rays turned out to be negative, but he has a right quad contusion.

The Yankees seemingly cannot catch a break this year, as yet another star player has left a game due to injury.  The team and fans alike will hope for the best.

You can see exactly where the pitch hit Cano:


The Subway Rivalry may heat up after this one.  Get ready, New York!

Here is the GIF via The Big Lead:


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