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Teemu Selanne Returns For One Last NHL Season With the Ducks


After 20 seasons in the NHL, there was a possibility that the NHL’s lockout-shortened season of 2013 would be the legendary Teemu Selanne’s final journey in hockey.

Today, via the Anaheim Ducks and Youtube, we found out whether or not that was true: Continue reading

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Keith Olbermann Defends Rex Ryan and The Jets, Then Rips Them, and Takes Sports Media to Task For All of It


Keith Olbermann made a return to ESPN airwaves on his old stomping grounds of ESPN2 with his new show, naturally called “Olbermann.”

What was old is new again and Olbermann wasted no time getting used to his new New York City digs before jumping right into the holes the New York Sports Media has dug around Rex Ryan and the Jets.  Continue reading

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Could Rex Ryan’s Job Be In Jeopardy for Playing Mark Sanchez?


The Jets had finally found out who their quarterback was.

After a long, drawn out competition throughout training camp and the preseason, Geno Smith had finally fallen behind Mark Sanchez Saturday night against the Giants, letting the incumbent maintain control of the Jets job for now.

And then Rex Ryan threw everything into flux, including, quite possibly, his job. Continue reading

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#TM4TCrowdsourcing: What Do You Need To See From Geno Smith in Week 3 To Name Him Jets Starter?


As discussed earlier in the week, the Jets may have a minimum performance level for Geno Smith so low, some in the media believe the Jets QB competition is a farce.

During the week, I asked for some input from Jets fans as to what they are looking for during the matchup vs. the Giants before crowning Smith the King of the Jets Quarterbacks this preseason – here is what some of them said: Continue reading

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Will The Jets Just Hand Geno Smith The Starting Job Because He’s Not Mark Sanchez?


It is far from a shock that Mark Sanchez is not the popular pick at QB for the New York Jets.

But if a report in the New York Daily News is true, the Jets are ready to give Geno Smith the starting job – not for any exceptional game play, but with the mere accomplishment of not stumbling in his next preseason game. Continue reading


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The Legend of JR Smith Grows With The Purchase of $450,000 Armored Truck


JR Smith signed a 4-year, $24 million dollar deal with the New York Knicks this off-season.

The New York Post learned today that Smith has started to spend some of that money. Continue reading

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Alex Rodriguez’s Return Has Brought Controversy, But Also a Stronger Yankees Offense


Rare has there been a moment without some sort of negative cloud since Alex Rodriguez returned for the Yankees.  Even as he is playing in a Sunday Night Baseball game, he and the Yankees must contend with Red Sox pitcher, Ryan Dempster, going out of his way to hit A-Rod, in a possible act of revenge for his alleged “ratting out” of fellow players during the Biogenesis hunt.

In a particular storybook moment, Rodriguez would gain some revenge for the beaning and manager Joe Girardi’s ejection when he hit a home run for the Yankees, leading to a comeback on their hated Boston rivals.

But is this the only positive A-Rod has brought for the Yankees?  How about being a boost to one of their season-long issues? Continue reading

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How Will The Jets Replace Fireman Ed? They Have a Plan…


In a summer full of questions for the Jets (Sanchez! Geno! Sanchez! Geno!), Gang Green answered one today, albeit, one which takes place off the field.

Yes, we have long wondered how the Jets would replace the beleaguered “super-fan” Fireman Ed, after his dethroning at the end of the 2012 season.

For this, the Jets have a plan. Continue reading

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