How Will The Jets Replace Fireman Ed? They Have a Plan…


In a summer full of questions for the Jets (Sanchez! Geno! Sanchez! Geno!), Gang Green answered one today, albeit, one which takes place off the field.

Yes, we have long wondered how the Jets would replace the beleaguered “super-fan” Fireman Ed, after his dethroning at the end of the 2012 season.

For this, the Jets have a plan.


The apparent idea is to replace the coordination between a bald man on a Jumbotron and fans in the stadium with the coordination of four sections totaling over 80,000 to be on the same page at the same time.

Coming out of Florham Park is an idea to have each section of MetLife Stadium cheer a different letter of the famed J-E-T-S part of the Jets Chant.

Sections 307 to 320 of the upper deck on down will begin with the J!, and it will continue clockwise around the stadium.

It is an original idea brought forth by the Jets brain trust, but one which may take some time getting used to and perfecting.  Instead of one loud noise coming from all the fans, if correctly done, a cyclone of sound will approach the field.

A proximate of this type of chant is one used at Penn State.

The student section of Beaver Stadium starts with “We Are!” followed by the rest of PSU fans screaming “Penn State!”

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Penn State has been doing this cheer for years and years.  Beyond that, it is a lot easier to get college students into the college spirit and team traditions.  It is another story for Jets fans, older (and in many instances, more jaded) than undergraduate age, and fan less likely to approach a new gimmick with enthusiasm.

But the Jets are entering a new era – new GM, maybe a new QB, and definitely a new face of the Jets Nation.  Perhaps this is the time for new beginnings.


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