Alex Rodriguez’s Return Has Brought Controversy, But Also a Stronger Yankees Offense


Rare has there been a moment without some sort of negative cloud since Alex Rodriguez returned for the Yankees.  Even as he is playing in a Sunday Night Baseball game, he and the Yankees must contend with Red Sox pitcher, Ryan Dempster, going out of his way to hit A-Rod, in a possible act of revenge for his alleged “ratting out” of fellow players during the Biogenesis hunt.

In a particular storybook moment, Rodriguez would gain some revenge for the beaning and manager Joe Girardi’s ejection when he hit a home run for the Yankees, leading to a comeback on their hated Boston rivals.

But is this the only positive A-Rod has brought for the Yankees?  How about being a boost to one of their season-long issues?

Since his return on August 5th, the Yankees have scored 68 runs over 12 games – a 5.67 average.

Up to his return, the Yankees scored 423 runs over 111 games – a 3.81 average.

As logical thought may suggest, replacing a bunch of minor league talent and journeymen with one of the greatest baseball players of all time at third base has changed the Yankees’ fortunes offensively.

The Yankees have won 7 of their last 9 games and Alex Rodriguez’s play has direct correlation to that success.

After Sunday night, A-Rod is batting .319 with an .897 OPS since his return from the DL.

If he keeps that up, the story may take a temporary vacation from A-Rod’s PED controversy, and may shift to a focus on a possible playoff run for the Yankees.

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