#TM4TCrowdsourcing: What Do You Need To See From Geno Smith in Week 3 To Name Him Jets Starter?


As discussed earlier in the week, the Jets may have a minimum performance level for Geno Smith so low, some in the media believe the Jets QB competition is a farce.

During the week, I asked for some input from Jets fans as to what they are looking for during the matchup vs. the Giants before crowning Smith the King of the Jets Quarterbacks this preseason – here is what some of them said:

Some gave their statistical needs, like Taylor and Michael Pagano:



Some like j’Ames, think the Jets minimum standards are not even low enough.  Almost anything should get Geno the job already:


Or if you are like SeanLDurham, you do not need standards, you just want to see Smith leading this team now:


Many, like Harsh V Singh and Brian from OneJetAtATime still think Geno needs to beat out whatever Mark Sanchez has done so far:



Brian adds more and like Jude Armand Jackson, they have standards less about stats, and more about how they want their Jets QB to handle himself on the field:



Finally, Satish Ram represents an obvious truth a lot of Jets fans feel, where the competition is not necessary for them; they are ready for a change:


That may very well come true after the two to three quarters of work Geno Smith will get tonight.

So where does that leave us?  Going back to a conversation I had with Katie separate from these discussions, a simple line needs to be hit to put Geno Smith in the equation of taking the job from incumbent, Mark Sanchez:



Yes, we are going to need to see some points from Geno Smith in an actual game.

Has he had the opportunity so far to do so?  Somewhat.  He did play into a 4th series in the game against the Lions before succumbing to injury.  While some believe the Jets went conservative with his play-calling, he is still out there with the ability to make plays and score.

That said, if this is a true competition as it should be, Smith deserves the same opportunity as Sanchez, if possible.  Even though injuries play into everything else, the Jets have the opportunity to give Geno the same chances here.

And so he will get time, but there is no more time for excuses or talk of potential.  If he has this opportunity given to him, he must use it to do what so many have hammered Mark Sanchez for not doing in the past: He must score.

Hit the Jets minimum of no turnovers and lead multiple drives that end in points, this job very well can be Geno Smith’s if Sanchez does not respond.

But the time for projections is over.  It is show-us-what-you’ve-got time for Geno Smith.


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