Danny Trevathan’s Premature Interception Return Celebration Fail May Replace Butt Fumble As NFL Blooper of the Year


In the midst of perhaps the greatest quarterback performance of all-time, last night’s Broncos-Ravens game may have brought us the blooper of the year as well.

Early in the 4th quarter, Denver Linebacker Danny Trevathan intercepted a Joe Flacco pass and ran towards the endzone.

He would get there, but missing a key piece of the puzzle.

Right before crossing the line, Trevathan began his celebration, dropping the ball on the one yard line, and allowing the ball to roll into the endzone on its own accord.

That play is a touchback, not a touchdown.

Luckily for him, the Broncos were up 42-17 at the time.  Unluckily for him, he still felt the scorn of his defensive coordinator, Jack Del Rio.

Instead of putting the game away for good, Peyton Manning and the Denver offense had to go back out there against Baltimore and play out the rest of the game.

He would say after the game:

It was a young mistake. I was just in the moment.  I thought I was in the end zone. Next time I’m going hold the ball up high and give it to a fan or something. But it’s not going to happen again. I’m growing from it and I’m not let going to let anybody stop me.”

He will learn his lesson, but not before giving fodder to ESPN’s monotonous Not-Top-10 list for the rest of this year.

While Manning’s 7 TD performance will live on forever, Trevathan’s blunder will live on for quite a bit longer itself.


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