Colts Acquire RB Trent Richardson from the Browns for a 2014 1st Round Pick

NFL: Washington Redskins at Cleveland Browns

In a shocking development sure to send waves through the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts have traded for former 1st round pick Trent Richardson.

In return, the Cleveland Browns, sure to be aiming for the #1 pick overall in next year’s draft anyway, have received the Colts’ 1st round pick in 2014.

Rare does the NFL see such a major mid-season trade.  This move was spurred by the Colts losing starter Vick Ballard to a torn ACL last week, but many had reasoned owner Jim Irsay and the Colts organization would be looking for a backup for Ahmad Bradshaw.  Players like the Detroit Lions’ Michael LeShoure were discussed, but no one saw anything of this magnitude in Indy’s future.

With T-Rich, the Colts gain a 2nd year player who rushed for 950 yards and a Browns record 11 TD.  Not only have the Colts bolstered their running back position, but it gave Andrew Luck a completely new weapon at his disposal.

The last time the NFL saw a trade of this size was when former 1st round pick, Carson Palmer, was traded by the Cincinnati Bengals to the Oakland Raiders in 2011.  In exchange, the Raiders gave up a 2012 first round pick and a 2013 second round pick for the at-the-time retired quarterback.

The Browns, now, are surely punting away their season.  A team who some had as a possible sleeper just two weeks ago, have now lost their best player by trade and their quarterback to injury.  How things looked, they may have won only 4-5 games anyway, but this is throwing away another season and creating another rebuilding for a franchise whose fans have seen plenty of those already.

For the Colts, on the other hand, the future is here.

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