Butt Fumble Redux: Geno Smith Goes For The “Behind The Butt Fumble” in the Jets Loss To The Titans


Sequels are rarely better than the original.  Geno Smith made sure the Jets had a chance to find that out today against the Tennessee Titans, when he tried to do Mark Sanchez one better on last year’s worst play, the Butt Fumble.


Fifteen seconds into the 4th quarter, Geno Smith took the snap, saw an on-coming defender, and attempted to pass the football behind his back as he was getting sacked, resulting in a touchdown for the Titans.

It was one of many mistakes by Geno Smith all day, who totaled four turnovers (two interceptions, two fumbles), all leading to touchdowns by their opponents.  The other three mistakes all led to short-field situations that allowed even the vaunted Jets defense to fall apart.

Smith continues to have issues with timing in the pocket – holding the ball too long and making bad decisions if he faces a strong rush – both rookie mistakes, but ones that are not getting any better.  He almost suffered a safety at one point, falling all the way to his own one yard line when his pocket collapsed.  Smith also lost a fumble after a scramble where he displayed worse ball security than any recent Jets quarterback.



In his two road games this year, Smith has managed only one touchdown to go with five interceptions and two lost fumbles.  It does not get any easier going forward, as the Jets will be taking on the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football next week.

Geno may be even more alone next week.  Over the course of the game, Stephen Hill suffered a head injury and Santonio Holmes came up lame with a hamstring issue.

The Jets were not alone with problems at quarterback.

The Titans lost Jake Locker to an apparent hip injury after Mo Wilkerson hit him with a crushing (but legal) blow.  Locker held the right side of his hip and did not move until he was carted off.  Until that point, he had a strong game going, with 149 yards and 3 touchdowns.

[GIFs via The Big Lead]


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