Nevermind Braylon Edwards, the Jets Should Bring Back A Different Ex-Player, Jerricho Cotchery


With the constant injuries at wide receiver for the New York Jets, there has been much talk about who they should bring in.

There is the option of the Cleveland Browns Josh Gordon.  As the Browns looked like they were just going to start unloading (after the trade of second-year running back, Trent Richardson), many speculated what it would take to get the burgeoning star.  For a guy who is one misstep from a year suspension, some felt like a 4th rounder tops would work.   But then the Browns started playing well…

Some are still clamoring for the return of fan favorite, Braylon Edwards, something the Jets have resisted due to the lack of his special teams work.

So what can the Jets do? Jump in the time machine and get back Jerricho Cotchery.

Yes, Cotchery is now in Pittsburgh, but the Steelers stand at 0-4, one of their worst marks in their long, illustrious history.  With 3rd round rookie, Markus Wheaton looming as the future 3rd receiver, the Steelers could easily part with the veteran.

Cotchery has been out of mind for a bit, but has had a bit of a resurgence in 2013.  He is second on the Steelers in yards at 248, with 2 touchdowns through 4 games.  At a price tag of $1 million, he is in the final year of the contract he signed with Pittsburgh in 2012.

Over Jerricho Cotchery’s Jets career, he played in 103 games over 7 seasons, totaling 406 receptions for 5,204 yards and 22 touchdowns.

Being a veteran standing in the way of progress for their rookie, the Steelers could look to unload Jerricho for less than it would take the Jets to many other veterans or flawed young stars from their teams.

Always a fan favorite, Cotchery would be the sure handed guy a young quarterback like Geno Smith needs.  A quiet leader in the locker room, J-Co could give the team some veteran leadership it needs as the penalties are accumulating in record amounts.

It is a long shot, but the return of a different former Jets wide receiver might be what Gang Green needs right now.

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