David Price Feels He is Above Public Criticism, Nerds, Even Though He Once Called For Rex Ryan To Be Fired On Twitter

David Price, Wade Davis

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher, David Price, had a meltdown on Twitter last night, getting mad at the TBS post game show analysts for criticizing him for his part in the Boston Red Sox 7-4 victory in Game 2 of the ALDS.



In the real world, Price should be a little more concerned about his 1-4 postseason record, with an awful 5.06 ERA, more than what a guy “who couldn’t hack it” and a “never-was waterboy” have to say.  David Price becomes yet another in the long list of athletes who believe you needed to be as good as them to discuss baseball.

Of course, Price himself once criticized someone in the NFL, despite never being a player nor coach in the National Football League.

That is right.  David Price should not have been playing last night.  He is supposed to have quit baseball(!) because Rex Ryan was not fired.

Pitching baseballs in glass houses.

Even at that point, New York Post Football Writer, Bart Hubbuch, brought up the fact that Price would not be too happy if the shoe were on the other foot:

As pointed out by The Score, one of the best things about Prices completely-off-the-mark rant about criticism is that those he attacked, Dick Hayhurst and Tom Verducci, picked the Rays to win the series:

It turns out the TBS analysts were not the only ones on Price’s “Nerd Hunt”:

All the Boston writers should stop reporting on the game because David Price happen to pitch badly on it.  Statistics and results are for nerds everyone.

And Keith Olbermann has hit the point exactly.  It is a player flailing around trying to blame anyone other than himself.  So he picks the easiest target out there.  Of course, if he were paying attention, he would have noticed that one of the strongest comments against him did not come from those he considers nerds, but rather his peer.

“Lefties are tough on lefties. Especially Price. The one thing I noticed about him, his fastball wasn’t the way it used to be. Of course, he pitched four or five days ago, a complete game.  A complete game will catch up with you a little bit this late in the season. He wasn’t 96, 98 like he used to. It wasn’t a bad fastball. But it wasn’t the way you’d normally expect it.”

And who said that? As you may have figured out, it was notable nerd, David Ortiz.

But after all, maybe David Price just thinks everyone is a nerd.



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