For Nick Folk, Pressure Means Perfection in 2013


The Jets had a major competition in training camp this year between Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith which lacked logic and consequences along the way.

Unlike the battle at quarterback, though, one at kicker commenced and ended with the incumbent retaining his job.

That was the ever scrutinized Nick Folk, who each year since arriving in New York has been under siege, will not have to worry about that much in the future.  Being perfect in the regular season has that type of effect.

The past two preseasons, the Jets have brought in Josh Brown and Billy Cundiff to compete with Folk, despite his success in clutch moments, both in the regular season and playoffs.

It was not without reason, as Folk graded low on kick-offs and field goal percentages during his years here.  That said, he has had a knack for getting it done in big moments (including the Jets playoff victory against Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts in 2010), something few Jets kickers before can say. ::coughDougBriencough::

After keeping his job going into this season, Folk has rewarded the Jets, and in turn, gained security for himself.

During his first three seasons in green and white, Folk’s FG% totaled 77%.  In 2013, that number is 100%, starting the season with 19 attempts and 19 successes.

They have not been little kicks at all.  With game-winning kicks against the Buccaneers, Falcons, and Patriots, he has compiled seven since 2010.

Considering the Jets have an inconsistent rookie at quarterback and a strong defense, a lot of games come down to the last second.  Having a kicker perform as well as Folk can be the difference between being under .500 and having a shot at the playoffs.  Through 8 games, a case can be made that Nick Folk is the Jets MVP.

He could have a shot at beating his 3rd straight NFC South team this Sunday when the Jets take on the New Orleans Saints.


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