Darrelle Revis Rips Jets Fans Over Abusive Tweets To The New York Post


Darrelle Revis finally broke his silence about his move from the New York Jets to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and it isn’t pretty.

Speaking to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post Monday night, Revis finally talked about some of the harassment he has taken from Jets fans since being traded to the Bucs in the off-season.

It was the end of a long battle between Revis, his representation, and the Jets organization.  He had held out numerous times and the sides could never come to a final, long-term, amicable agreement.

Thus, on April 22, the Jets finally made a move, bringing back a 2013 first round pick (which they used for possible Defensive Rookie of the Year candidate, Sheldon Richardson), and a conditional 2014 mid-round pick.

Despite the haul, and the Jets surprising 5-4 record in what was thought to be a rebuilding year, Jets fans have been merciless towards Revis since the move – attacking him mostly on Twitter.

“I get harassed every day on Twitter, and I barely even tweet. And you just get tired of it,” he told Hubbuch after the Bucs win over the Miami Dolphins – their first of the season.

He went on to talk about the tweet that went viral.


“I said what I said, and I meant it — to that particular person, it don’t have to be toward the New York Jets or nothing.”

He also added:

“If they would understand the business of it and understand what happened, then maybe they would know and maybe they would quit trying to point the finger at me. That’s where it is.”

It is important to state that this is not the majority of Jets fans.  Many have been happy with the returns of the trade.  Others are peaceful with the results of this season.  Even more wanted the trade in the first place.

But there have been a significant amount of fans who continue to call Revis out and attack him from anything from being greedy to being a loser.

Of course, Revis had no choice over his destination – it was a trade.

Few ever thought the Jets would have a better record this season.  The Buccaneers looked like they were adding a piece to what could be a future playoff team.  Instead, it has been a disaster – from their opening day QB being released to their coach likely being fired.  That only adds to the fuel.

“It don’t help with the record [the Buccaneers have], but at the same time, just let it go. I’m not there no more, Jets fans. I’m not there.”

It is certainly okay to joke about and make fun of guys in a sporting and rival manner, but for Revis to get death threats?  There has to be a limit and a level of conduct to how fans treat athletes, even if they feel like they were wronged.

Fan bases must begin to realize their tweets are the documentation of the fan base.  We have to see the responsibility even the smallest fan has on Twitter, because anything can blow up and anything can be heard.

In past times, what happened at the Stadium would be the calling card to describe any fan base.  Now we have social media.  More than those few hours you are gathered with fellow fans, a fan base is shaped 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online – all documented forever on the internet.

Like we have seen through athletes striking back about fantasy football players yelling at them about performance, this issue once again shows that fans sometimes have a hard time realizing there is a human being on the other side of their tweets.  Those humans will have human emotions and react as anyone else will.

So is Revis’ replying tweet still seem childish and wrong, or was it someone finally taking a minor shot back at all the abuse he took?

Perhaps this will be a lesson in conduct for everyone.  Maybe we need to sit back and enjoy the good that came from a bad situation.  Darrelle Revis is gone.  Time to stop the obsession with the past and immerse ourselves in the positive potential of our future.


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