A-Rod Blasts Bud Selig and Major League Baseball on Mike Francesa’s WFAN Radio Show


If you thought Alex Rodriguez storming out of a court room would be all the fireworks we would have today, you were mistaken.

After getting publicly mad during his PED arbitration hearing on his suspension, A-Rod popped onto Mike Francesa’s radio show on WFAN and YES Network to go off on Commissioner Bud Selig and Major League Baseball’s actions against him.


A-Rod held nothing back, calling “The Man From Milwaukee” out for not having to appear and testify in his case.  Angry that he could not face the person who deemed an arbitrary 211-game suspension, Rodriguez called the process a “kangaroo court” and talked about the already determined end to his case, “I’m done. I don’t have a chance.”

Rodriguez would go on record, denying all wrong-doing included in the allegations.  Francesa would straight up ask him about every single part of MLB’s charges, as transcribed by Deadspin:

Were you guilty of any of these charges?


Did you do anything wrong?


Did you do any PEDs?


Did you obstruct justice, any witnesses, did you do anything that they accuse you of doing?




There was no mincing of words: Alex Rodriguez declared his innocence of all.  How will Major League Baseball respond? We will see.

But for today, the winner of the PR battle is the Defiant A-Rod.


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