Can Geno Smith Lead The Jets To a Top-5 NFL Draft Pick? […And Jets-Raiders Preview]


Geno Smith has been terrible.

There’s not much of a desire to delve further into how bad he is for the 100th time this week (8 TD, 19 INT, and in general playing worse than any season of Mark Sanchez is enough said); so instead I’m going to see if this can all end positively – in a high Jets draft pick!

Here are a bunch of facts and ideas to help you decide which way this will end:

– There are 15 teams at or worse than the Jets record (which is by the way, incredibly stunning considering they are -121 in point differential, 2nd worst in the league).  But with the Jets at a bad 2-3 in their division and a horrible 2-7 in the conference, we can probably assume they are going to lose all tiebreakers.  Thus, I will eliminate anyone with an equal record.

– That will leave us with 9 other teams: Browns (4-8), Raiders (4-8), Bills (4-8), Jaguars (4-9) [and on a current AFC-best 3 game win streak!], Vikings (3-8-1), Falcons (3-9), Buccaneers (3-9), Redskins (3-9), and Texans (2-11).

– Of the 10 total teams we are looking at, only three (Jets, Redskins, and Falcons) have started only one QB this season.

– Strangely, I look at the 9 teams lower than the Jets in the standings and find 11 quarterbacks I would rather have than Geno Smith (Campbell, Pryor, McGloin, Manuel, Henne, Ryan, Glennon, RGIII, Cousins, Schaub, and Keenum).

– The Jets [fairly easily] have a better defense than 7 of those 9 (with the Browns and Texans as questions), so they will have a harder time getting past those teams (in reverse).

– The Jets still take on the Browns and Raiders – so not only will losses to them help drop Gang Green in the standings, but it will continue to ruin their conference record and possible tiebreakers.


Of course, the Raiders can be some healthy cooking for an offense.

Earlier this year, they gave up a record-tying, 7 touchdowns to Nick Foles in a single game.  They are the 23rd ranked defense in yards, as well.

In other words, if Geno Smith is going to turn this around (in a good way), then this is probably his best shot today.

He will have his full roster of weapons today, as Santonio Holmes, Jeremy Kerley, and Kellen Winslow will all be on the field together for the first time since Week 4.

And while they have slowed down with the issues at QB this season, the running game, led by Chris Ivory, is still ranked 10th in the league and should provide some help.

On the defensive end, the Jets D will be facing Matt McGloin, the undrafted product out of Penn State, who has impressed so far.  With 4 TDs and 2 INTs, he has performed well.  It will be up to the Jets well-known defense to attack and rookie and force mistakes.  The offense will need some help, and a few turnovers off a rookie QB might be that elixir.

After today, we should have a very clear picture of what direction the Jets will ultimately be heading in.  Will it be a good direction (playoffs), or a good direction (top draft pick)?


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