Rex Ryan Gets a Multiyear Extension from the Jets; What Does It Mean?


The Jets announced an agreement with Rex Ryan that surpasses the rumored one-year extension that was reported after the season.

While we still do not know the exact parameters of the deal, how does it change the lookout for the Jets going forward?

1. Stability

After two years where Rex Ryan was standing on the ledge, he has a bit of a safety net now to work with.  While there are whispers that the Jets will have an “out” to the deal after 2015, it still shows that the Jets want him to lead them into the future and have committed confidence towards him.

It does, in turn, connect John Idzik to Rex Ryan for all future evaluations, though.  This is now his coach and it comes up off as a vote of confidence.  Should the team fail to improve further under Rex, both the coaching and the personnel decisions will come under fire.

2. Free Agency

We can hear all we want about how Ryan is a “players coach” and how everyone wants to play for him, but if potential signings look at the Jets and see Rex in limbo, that eliminates that quality.

Now with a deal, free agents will know who they will be playing for and, especially on defense, know who will be scheming strategy for them. This will make New York a nice landing spot and with money available, this is a key offseason for the Jets to start drawing in real talent to fill holes.

3. Time

An idea used when referring to Geno Smith and his potential progression can also be used for the growth of this team as well.

Now that Rex is locked up, the Jets do not have to take one solid leap in a single offseason to prove Ryan’s worth to the organization.  While they were on the verge of the playoffs, the Jets are only set at two (three, if Nick Folk re-signs) areas of the depth chart: running back and defensive line.

Have only one year to improve and maybe you make some deals just to spend money and make the team good enough for one playoff run.

Have more than one year and you can pick from the best and if they are not available to you, you have the option of spreading that money over more off-seasons than just one.  No need to fill a hole with a player that is not the right fit.  For a team that has yet to find out if they even have a quarterback yet, time is one of the most important factors.  The extension of Rex Ryan today, only helps that cause.


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