Sports Valentine’s – Our Favorite Loving Athletes Showing Their Heart On Today’s Holiday


Valentine’s Day.  Ah, the love.

Well, that also extends to the sports world.  Let’s look at some of our favorite athletes who we are reminded of today:


Kevin Love

We have to start with someone who is known for giving gifts – mainly, his penchant for spreading the rock around the court to teammates.  Yes, Kevin Love’s outlet passing is so good, the writers at Sports Illustrated have fawned over his greatness.



Corey Hart

Right now he is spreading his love in a new city, Corey Hart probably came up with some thoughtful gifts for his wife this year, as he had an entire season off to do nothing but come up with ideas.  With 29 career outfield assists, he sure knows how to give back.



Bret Hart

With a thick Canadian accent, he will be The Best Valentine There Is, The Best Valentine There Was, and The Best Valentine There Ever Will Be.  And what woman doesn’t like a man who is comfortable dressing in pink?



Brandon Flowers

You might not think a guy who hits people for a living could be loved, but he sure is by his offense.  Over his long career as a Chief, 1-800-Flowers has been called 17 times – his number of career interceptions, and the reason the Kansas City organization rewarded him with a big bouquet [of cash] that he’ll be getting for 3 more seasons.




Oh, you didn’t know a horse could be that caring? Well you didn’t know Secretariat.  Not only is he widely known as the greatest thoroughbred in history, but legend has it he had an unusually large heart, which allowed him to be a stronger horse than most and let him give many presents [to his owners, gamblers, and breeders – feel the love] for years.



Bobby Valentine

And of course, there’s the namesake of the holiday, former Mets manager, Bobby V, himself.  What lady doesn’t want a man who is willing to dress up to go out?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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