U.S. Olympic Hero T.J. Oshie’s History of Excellent Pictures on the Internet


The world met St. Louis Blues and America’s T.J. Oshie when he scored four shootout goals to take down rival Russia 3-2 at the Sochi Olympics.

But a quick internet search leads us to interesting Oshie finds that have been dying to be dug up for the public to see.

Early returns found this picture of Oshie, in an attempt to suddenly try to make his girlfriend famous.


Well, as The Big Lead uncovered…um…yeah…Lauren Cosgrove’s about to become a big deal.  But, I mean, even beyond her…somehow….

Cowboy Hat ☑

No Sleeve Shirt ☑

Jean Shorts ☑

Cutoff Jean Shorts ☑

Legend ☑

Here are two more of this couple who will probably be America’s favorite couple by tomorrow morning.  They enjoy roleplay…more more likely, Halloween.



Did you know Oshie like’s to party? [via TheRoyalHalf]



Oshie, Toews, and Kane.  Friendship.

The New York Rangers have the Broadway Hat, awarded to their player of the game.

The St. Louis Blues have…the Weenie Hat:


Do you have a painting representing you as a Native American warrior whisfully gliding over the St. Louis Arch and Mississippi River?

Thanks you Digitalist “Que-Ink”, T.J. Oshie does:

tj_oshie_by_que_ink-d5v3wbr…and you thought T.J. Oshie became a legend today.


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