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Nick Saban Tells Alabama Fans Not To Leave Early Because He Is an Arrogant, Awareness-Lacking Hypocrite (Bye Miami Dolphins!)


Alabama has dominated college football over the past two and half years, so maybe Nick Saban is getting bored beating up inferior teams.

Now he has decided to go after his own fans.

Last Friday, Alabama suspended the block seating privileges of 20 student organizations who get discounted tickets to games.  The reason for this stems from a radio segment the head coach appeared on the day before, where he complained about fans coming late and leaving early from games: Continue reading


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Bill Murray Bodyslams Lee Corso on ESPN’s College Gameday


Every week, ESPN’s College Gameday picks a new town to do their show from.  What is less known is that they usually have a celebrity guest on each week to make picks with the analysts.

Bill Murray was on this week and like with most things Bill Murray, it was great. Continue reading

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Jets Fill Several Holes In the Depth Chart on the First Day of the NFL Draft


Last night at the NFL Draft, the New York Jets got started on the work towards rebuilding their roster.

Taken with the 9th and 13th picks overall were Alabama cornerback, Dee Milliner, and Missouri DT, Sheldon Richardson.

Reaction to these moves varied. Continue reading


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Jets NFL Draft 2013 Preview – The Positioning Draft


Earlier this week, I put up a gag tweet wondering if I should put out a column mocking the mock drafts.  It was just a joke, but many responded positively towards it.  Why could that be?

Every year, millions of page views are wasted looking at mock drafts that were the product of a ton of wasted time by good sportswriters.  Some sites know more than others, but most will not even come close to predicting even 5% of the first two rounds.  [I guess you can say I’m not a fan…]

It’s not to say there is not some merit to looking at the players and the needs of specific NFL teams, but there just simply is not enough time and expertise available to most writers to research all of college football and know all of the ways NFL teams work – outside of the handful experts spread amongst ESPN, Fox Sports, Yahoo, and a few blogs.

So for the poorly prepared, local blogger, giving all he thinks is necessary to talk about the draft, here is a new plan for the “mock draft” – It’s called the “Positioning Draft.” Continue reading

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Mike Rice and the Rutgers Basketball Controversy: Where Is C. Vivian Stringer During All Of This?


The Rutgers University administration is currently discussing the future of Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Mike Rice, after a video surfaced to ESPN, Tuesday, showing him “shoving, grabbing, and throwing balls” and “using gay slurs”

This is not something Rutgers was unaware, but it is one they must deal with now. Continue reading


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Cinderella Florida Gulf Coast Upsets San Diego State And Punches Ticket To Sweet 16!


15-seed Florida Gulf Coast knocked off #7 San Diego State Sunday night, 81-71.

The only undefeated team in NCAA Tournament History is now the first 15 seed to ever make the Sweet 16. Continue reading

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Florida Gulf Coast Eliminates Georgetown In One Of The Biggest Upsets In NCAA History (And Check Out The Coach’s Wife!)


In one of the biggest upsets in NCAA history, 15-seed Florida Gulf Coast has defeated #2 Georgetown, 78-68 in the second round of the tournament.

A game full of exciting dunks, Florida GC overwhelmed G-Town from the start and eliminated the often disappointing in the postseason, Hoyas. Continue reading

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Hit of the New Year! Jadeveon Clowney’s Football-Changing Fumble Recovery vs. Michigan


South Carolina’s DE and possible future Heisman candidate and #1 NFL draft pick, Jadeveon Clowney had a tackle and fumble creation like no other on Tuesday.

In the Outback Bowl vs. Michigan, Clowney ran through the offensive line right at the snap and hit running back Vincent Smith so hard and so fast that he lost his helmet, and the ball, causing a turnover.

Video ahead: Continue reading

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