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Sports Valentine’s – Our Favorite Loving Athletes Showing Their Heart On Today’s Holiday


Valentine’s Day.  Ah, the love.

Well, that also extends to the sports world.  Let’s look at some of our favorite athletes who we are reminded of today: Continue reading

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Justin Bieber Shows Up To Game 7; Somehow Dresses In A Way That Makes Us Hate The Heat More

Justin Bieber showed up to Game 7 of Heat vs. Pacers tonight.

In an upset, the Pacers, despite getting blown out by more than 20 points, were not the most embarrassing thing on the Miami floor.

It was Bieber’s clothing decisions.

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The Office: The Little Doc-U-Comedy that Touched and Influenced the TV Universe


When reliving what was The Office, a part of you feels disappointed.  You can’t help but feel a gap between what you loved and what remained.

A show that was so influential, hitting on every cylinder was everything an American landscape could be presented as – from a workplace, to our comedic tendencies, to our relationships – was lazy, uninspired, and unplanned for much of the last few years.

This might sound like a negative view, but we can only feel that way because of what we will remember: The most influential American comedy of the first decade of the 2000’s. Continue reading

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On This President’s Day, A Celebration of Some Great [Movie] Leaders


President’s Day, and President’s Week (for those luckier) is a great time to remember the great leaders we had in the United States.  This year, more than most, we were reminded of perhaps the best President in our history, Abraham Lincoln, when Steven Spielberg released “Lincoln” in theatres, starring Daniel Day Lewis.

But there are plenty of great Presidents we should remember today; those that led us to greatness….on the silver screen. *(CAUTION: SPOILERS!~@!!@)*

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Dikembe Mutombo Blocks and Finger-Wags Everything For a Geico Commercial (Video)


America will never let go of their love of Dikembe Mutombo and his penchant for blocks and finger wagging.

As the latest proof of this, Geico has released a new commercial featuring the former Denver Nuggets, Atlanta Hawks, New York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets Center Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo and his trademark moves from his playing days as an 8-time NBA All-Star.

Check it out below: Continue reading


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The Wartime General: Rex Ryan, Purpose, and Survival


Winston Churchill is perhaps the most popular leader in British history.  He helped lead them to a victory in World War II.  At home, he helped set up a government coalition to unite and move to achieve great mobilization during the war period.  Churchill was a brilliant war strategist who knew not only how to motivate, but how to go about winning battles he was in, especially when he had the sudden backing and weapon of the United States following the Japanese Pearl Harbor attacks.

So why did this strong and popular leader suddenly lose an election in 1945, just months after one of the biggest victories in the history of mankind – the ending of the Second World War’s phase in Europe?

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12.12.12 Concert for Sandy Relief

Currently Airing on is the 12.12.12 Concert for Sandy Relief for the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas, live from Madison Square Garden.

If you want to donate to the Robin Hood Relief Fund, please visit to support those who were affected and devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

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Vice President Joe Biden’s 1993 Cameo on “Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego?”

From time to time, I will write about non-sports subjects, and this seemed quite fitting for my first one.  This clip comes from the early 90’s gameshow, “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”, one of my favorites as a child.  Here Joe Biden, then a Senator from Delaware, shoots the breeze with the host of the show.

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