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The Jets, The Patriots, The Tuck Rule, The Push Rule, Spygate, and NFL Rule Awareness


I don’t know if you know this, but the Jets and Patriots had a little game of football yesterday.

The Jets won. They controlled the ball for most of the game (46:13 to 23:40). They won the quarterback battle (2 touchdowns to 0 [Tom Brady had ZERO TDs]). They won the 3rd down efficiency battle (11-21 to 1-12).  They outgunned the Patriots in yards (383 to 295).  They even overcame their weakness for penalty yards (45 to 100).

Of course, the post game storyline has nothing to do with what some might call the dominance of the Jets; or even the possible downfall of the suddenly struggling Patriots.

No, it is a penalty in overtime, which is being played as the only reason the Patriots lost Sunday. Continue reading



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The Game Where Mark Sanchez Runs Into Brandon Moore’s Ass and Fumbles

Random Jets Fan: “If they beat the Patriots tonight, maybe we can make it to the playoffs”

Random Jets Fan: “Don’t ever allow me to speak again.”

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Week 7 Notes: A Newly Discovered Way The Jets Were Screwed Sunday [and more!]

[1] A few different issues with the game process have been called out since Sunday that could have affected the result of the Jets-Patriots game.  First there was the thought that Bill Belicheck had illegally thrown his challenge flag on the Aaron Hernandez goal line fumble.  That was determined to be false, despite cheers from the crowd indicating he had thrown it.

Second was the questionable actions of the New England timekeeper.  Barely any time was eclipsed from the start of Devin McCourty’s kick return to the moment he fumbled; the clock was conveniently stopped at 2:01, allowing the Patriots to have a mandatory timeout on their side.  Again, the NFL came to the Patriots’ defense and ruled that everything was kosher.

Now yesterday, Grantland’s Bill Barnwell brings up the fact that on the game’s concluding play, Pats’ lineman Jermaine Cunningham fell at the line of scrimmage, then crawled towards Mark Sanchez and was “diving at his ankles…knocking him down.”

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Quick Keys to the Jets-Patriots Game: 10/21/12

1. Can the Jets stop the Oregon Offense?
Much has been made about the new offense Bill Belicheck has installed in New England this year.  It has led to the Patriots having by far the most offensive attempts in 2012 and has helped them keep defenses on their toes.

At the same time, this is a team that is an uncharacteristic 3-3.  Is this offense wearing down in games because of this technique?  Is this hurting Tom Brady, who had two intentional grounding penalties last week against the Seahawks?

Jets will be without some key players on defense like starting DT Sione Po’uha, backup DT Kendrick Ellis, and SS Eric Smith.  Those losses could be painful when substituting is such an important factor in this game.

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