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Keith Olbermann Defends Rex Ryan and The Jets, Then Rips Them, and Takes Sports Media to Task For All of It


Keith Olbermann made a return to ESPN airwaves on his old stomping grounds of ESPN2 with his new show, naturally called “Olbermann.”

What was old is new again and Olbermann wasted no time getting used to his new New York City digs before jumping right into the holes the New York Sports Media has dug around Rex Ryan and the Jets.  Continue reading

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Three Reasons To Root For the Pacers to Beat the Heat in Tonight’s Game 7


Time to pick sides for tonight.  Are you a LeBron, or are you a Hibbert?  I’m going with the ugly yellow and blue for tonight (never forget the 90s…) – here’s why: Continue reading

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Cinco De Melo – Knicks vs. Pacers Game 1

The New York Knicks look to continue their playoff-winning ways Sunday afternoon as the NBA Conference Semi-Finals continue at Madison Square Garden vs. the Pacers.

After months and years of Carmelo Anthony appearing in the Blue and Orange, he has finally destroyed the ghosts of more than a decade of playoff losing for the Knicks.  But will they continue towards their path to a championship against Indiana?

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No Bull! The Miami Heat’s Winning Streak Ends at 27!


The Heat lose! The streak is over! LeBron is sad!

The Chicago Bulls knocked off the Miami Heat tonight, 101-97, for Miami’s first loss in 27 games.

GIFs and videos ahead! Continue reading

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Lin and Capitalism: Why Booing Him is Linsane

jeremy-lin-GQ Image
Jeremy Lin returns to Madison Square Garden tonight in his first game back in New York since the Linsanity craze hit Manhattan earlier this year.  He also returns a far richer man, one who no longer has to sleep on Landry Fields’ couch, nor has to rent a house from David Lee.

Nope.  Earlier this year, Lin left the Knicks amid a stir – he signed a three year, $25 million offer sheet with the Houston Rockets – a contract that the Knicks left unclaimed and allowed the one popular guy they had on the team go.

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