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Live From the Meadowlands: It’s Monday Night!

I was in attendance for Jets-Texans yesterday and got to watch the almost-destruction, almost-miracle, almost-Sanchez-led-comeback, definite-killer-interception in person.  Here are a sprinkling of thoughts both on the live experience and on the game itself.

1. First Texans fans sighting

I have seen 3 Texans games so far and this one was the first where there were a noticeable amount of Texans fans there.  They were not nearly as overwhelming as the 49ers fans from the week before, but there were some nice pockets of fans around.  I guess finally fielding a playoff team and being a decade in has allowed this team to gain some out-of-state fans.

2. This guy made a great shirt

Luckily, we only have to stop at step 1 of that shirt.

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Now That the Refs Are Back, How Can We Blame The Packers For Losing To The Seahawks?

[Warning: Tweets posted contain explicit language]

As of Wednesday, the full-time referees have been returned to the NFL and the replacements sent off to the ether for eternity. We had a regularly scheduled matchup between the Ravens and Browns go off without a hitch.

So this is as good of time as any to run down reasons 4 to 2 as to why the Packers actually lost Monday Night.

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