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Michael Sam Coming Out As Gay Is Only A Distraction Because NFL Personnel Want It To Be


Michael Vick killed dogs; the Eagles welcomed him in.  Riley Cooper publicly screamed the n-word; Eagles kept him.  Ray Lewis was guilty of obstruction of justice in a murder case that you do not have to look far to realize he had more to do with; Ravens were so put off by this, they built their team around him as their face and leader of the franchise.  Ben Roethlisberger was involved in a rape case that led to a civil suit which was “settled”; the Steelers, the NFL bastion of civility, kept him on after a 4-game suspension (even lowered by the NFL from 6).  Leonard Little committed a DWI manslaughter and the Rams overlooked it – just as they did when he committed yet another DWI later in his career.

But Michael Sam, committing no crimes, but daring to be himself, an openly gay man, is a distraction. Continue reading

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Geno Smith’s Last Important Chance To Impress Comes This Sunday As The Jets Take On The Panthers


For months we speculated on time and potential and hope for the future.  On Sunday, these three ideas come together finally.

Jets vs. Panthers: The realization of Geno Smith is here. Continue reading

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Can Geno Smith Lead The Jets To a Top-5 NFL Draft Pick? […And Jets-Raiders Preview]


Geno Smith has been terrible.

There’s not much of a desire to delve further into how bad he is for the 100th time this week (8 TD, 19 INT, and in general playing worse than any season of Mark Sanchez is enough said); so instead I’m going to see if this can all end positively – in a high Jets draft pick!

Here are a bunch of facts and ideas to help you decide which way this will end: Continue reading

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Removing Stephen Hill From The Starting Lineup Is Smart, But Does Not Make Him a Jets Draft Bust

Alfonzo Dennard, Stephen Hill

According to Brian Costello of the New York Post, Rex Ryan is considering taking wide receiver, Stephen Hill, out of the starting lineup when the Jets go to Baltimore to take on the Ravens, Sunday.

While it would represent a step down for the 2nd-year receiver out of Georgia Tech, it is the right move.  When dealing with the project, it is important to evaluate the best use and strategy with them.  Hill, who many projected would take a long time to adjust to NFL norms, is indeed struggling, but taking him out of the lineup can be a good thing for someone who still has a lot of time before being called a “bust”. Continue reading

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Jets Fill Several Holes In the Depth Chart on the First Day of the NFL Draft


Last night at the NFL Draft, the New York Jets got started on the work towards rebuilding their roster.

Taken with the 9th and 13th picks overall were Alabama cornerback, Dee Milliner, and Missouri DT, Sheldon Richardson.

Reaction to these moves varied. Continue reading


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Jets NFL Draft 2013 Preview – The Positioning Draft


Earlier this week, I put up a gag tweet wondering if I should put out a column mocking the mock drafts.  It was just a joke, but many responded positively towards it.  Why could that be?

Every year, millions of page views are wasted looking at mock drafts that were the product of a ton of wasted time by good sportswriters.  Some sites know more than others, but most will not even come close to predicting even 5% of the first two rounds.  [I guess you can say I’m not a fan…]

It’s not to say there is not some merit to looking at the players and the needs of specific NFL teams, but there just simply is not enough time and expertise available to most writers to research all of college football and know all of the ways NFL teams work – outside of the handful experts spread amongst ESPN, Fox Sports, Yahoo, and a few blogs.

So for the poorly prepared, local blogger, giving all he thinks is necessary to talk about the draft, here is a new plan for the “mock draft” – It’s called the “Positioning Draft.” Continue reading

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Jets Trade Darrelle Revis: Spreading The Blame and Picking Up the Pieces After a Failing Deal


It was the worst kept secret in the NFL; Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets were shortly going to part ways.

But while that was known, what could not be seen was how this would eventually go down.

On Sunday afternoon, the hammer finally dropped.  Revis Island was relocating to a warmer climate. Continue reading

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