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Mets Matt Harvey Hits Yankees Robinson Cano With a Pitch at the 2013 All-Star Game


The 2013 All-Star Game did not start off as many Mets fans hoped, as their phenom, Matt Harvey, gave up a double to the Angels’ Mike Trout to lead off.

For Yankees fans, the next at bat would end as they would fear – with Matt Harvey hitting Robinson Cano in the knee, injuring him. Continue reading

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A Hall of Fame Entering The Steroid Era: Why Baseball Needs To Never Forget, But Also Include

At 2 PM today, Baseball Writers will be setting a standard for who during the “Steroid Era” can be considered a Hall of Famer and who cannot.

What this standard is, exactly, nobody seems to know. Continue reading

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The Mets and Their Dickey Conundrum


The New York Mets are a team in flux.  Since the signing of Jason Bay and the Madoff Scandal, the Mets have done very little spending and have been selling off or letting go of their expensive pieces.  Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, and others have left and suddenly the Mets sit at an interesting point: Do they start building now, or do they wait a bit longer before making their move.

This “will they or won’t they” is an important factor right now as the future of R.A. Dickey depends on the answer.
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