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Darrelle Revis Trade Talks: Does It Make Sense To Trade The Jets Best Player?


Today the Jets introduced their new General Manager John Izdik.  Generally, a General Manager is needed to make decisions for the future of a football team.  This, thus far, has never stopped the media from speculating and “sourcing” information about the Jets intention in the off-season.

The latest in these rumors involves the franchise of the Jets, Darrelle Revis.

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Getting to Look at Henrik Lundqvist Again and Other Lockout-Ending News


Henrik Lundqvist and the rest of the New York Rangers hit the ice again today as the 2012 NHL Lockout has finally ended.  Lundqvist, the defending Vezina Trophy winner will be looking for the one thing that has alluded him so far in his career, a Stanley Cup Championship.

One of his many current accomplishments is the streak of winning 30+ games in each of his seven seasons.  That looks like it will come to an end this year.

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The Wartime General: Rex Ryan, Purpose, and Survival


Winston Churchill is perhaps the most popular leader in British history.  He helped lead them to a victory in World War II.  At home, he helped set up a government coalition to unite and move to achieve great mobilization during the war period.  Churchill was a brilliant war strategist who knew not only how to motivate, but how to go about winning battles he was in, especially when he had the sudden backing and weapon of the United States following the Japanese Pearl Harbor attacks.

So why did this strong and popular leader suddenly lose an election in 1945, just months after one of the biggest victories in the history of mankind – the ending of the Second World War’s phase in Europe?

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The Vicious Circle of Success and Destruction: A History of the Florida and Miami Marlins – Part 2

Phase V: Regrowth Through Youth and Pitching

With their moves, the new Marlins of 1998 had only a $15 million total salary payroll.  This was a staggering change from the $52 million of the year prior – leaving only 29% of the cost remaining.  Livan Hernandez and Preston Wilson would make up some of the very few good pieces this team had left.  All in all, the Marlins would become the first  (and only in history to this point) team to lose 100 games in a defense of a World Series Championship.

1999 would be a year of change for the Marlins, though not necessarily in a positive moving direction.  Wayne Huizenga finally sold the team; to Boca Raton native, John Henry.  They also struck big in the draft, selecting future World Series MVP, Josh Beckett, with the first overall pick.

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